Software Developer / Artist / Mad Scientist


About Me

Tinkering with computers since early childhood gained experience with IT troubleshooting and problem solving.

Graduated with a red diploma master's degree in Informatics and Computer Science at the Department of Computer Science of VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava in 2010.

Professional carrer started already during studies as a Front End Developer of e-commerce solution at Shopsys, later found myself in Back End Development and Server Management.

Lifelong hobby in computer games resulted in contracting with Craneballs to work on popular mobile games like Overkill series as well as PC/Mac/Linux sandbox survival Planet Nomads both as a Gameplay Programmer and as a Back End Developer.

My Skills

Gameplay Programming (Unity/C#) 75%
Shader Development (GLSL) 50%
Server-Side Backend Development (PHP, .NET Core, MySQL, MongoDB) 75%
Server Administration (Linux, AWS) 50%
Game Publishing (Store Authoring, Performance Analysis, Public Relations)25%

A Programmer

Performance-first development, data oriented approach, from bare metal up to user interface.

A Photographer

Silver based and silicon based images. Camera / Negative / Print. Photogrammetry.

An Inventor

HW gadgets, simple machines, advanced functionality.

A Father

Rising a good person. With love, patience and love.

Latest Work

This is a brief overview of my recent works.


Latest Products Image

Planet Nomads Sci-fi Sandbox Survival

Gameplay Programming, Performance Optimizations, Shader Development, Marketing & Community Management

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Latest Products Image

Overkill 3 Console-Quality Mobile Shooter

Performance Optimizations, Back End Development, Multiplayer Programming

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Knockdown Heroes PvP Wrestling

Sales Performance Analysis, Gameplay Analysis, Back End Development, UI programming

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Latest Products Image

Alone?Canon EOS M5

Latest Products Image

A BirchFuji GA645Zi, Fomapan 100, Rodinal

Latest Products Image

Rešov WaterfallCanon EOS 300D


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SokobanAVR TV Game

A tiny implementation of a Sokoban game on Ben Ryves' AVR TV Game. Custom level compression algorithm.

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Drum MachineSynth written in Assembler

7 Emulated Instruments, 8 Predefined & 1 Custom Patterns (EEPROM storage), Selectable 16/12/9 Beats, Analog Tempo Knob, Realtime Sound Synthesis

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TeensycompRetro Computer Build

Still in progress. Goal has not been set yet. Probably full-featured single chip computer for low level programmers.

More info soon

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Do not hesitate to contact me with your interesting technological projects.